Would You Stop Throwing That Bear

Look at the freakin' detail on this cup, man

12 Mar well ok

well ok

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    i am speechless. this is a great year for the neverhood!! well, time to make a facebook and come up with something neat.
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    Nah, it’s real. I just saw the message on my facebook account.
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    are you 100% legit sure this is real because if not im gonna piss on everything you hold dear
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    On the Outside: Wow! It’s cool it’s getting a new game! On the Inside: IWARNGWVIREIAOMNLFG:KANIEHPWOGN VERBAL VOMIT.
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    i don’t any have even vague idea what my feelings are doing right now
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    This ain’t just ok, THIS IS AMAZING!!! AHHHH!!! C8
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